Friday, August 29, 2014

Charge of the White Brigade

I spent the evening watching various amateur pro-White Whateverist videos on YouTube. I encountered a good number of seemingly well-intentioned attempts to express the value of the White race and the danger of White demographic decline. I also encountered the anti-White chorus, rising from the comments.

Why should the White race live?
Do they have anything more to give?
More slavery, more lynching, more genocide?
What reason could there be to stem the tide?

Honestly, when I rationally consider the White race today, I have to admit to feeling that they deserve what they get, as well as the more they've got coming. How could a people be so blind to their own interests, so suicidally destructive of their own culture, so aggressively, willfully ignorant of the consequences of their actions? And yet, I still identify as White, and I want to see the White race triumphant. How could a single person be so out of touch with the mainstream, so devoted to the most reviled ideology, so aggressively, willfully unable to accept what fate has seemingly willed?

Oh well. Ours is not to reason why, ours is but to do and demographically die.

Onward. Nightly Nigger Joke Loaded...Initiating Nightly Nigger Joke...

Nightly Nigger Joke Complete.

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