Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Can you believe he had the balls to do this?

Had being the operative word...

An Ohio woman castrated a man who had picked her up for a “date” after he had only $13 to pay for sex, police said. [...]

But when he offered up only $13 dollars, she ordered him at knifepoint to drop his pants. Once he did, she stabbed him in the crotch, then left.

After she was gone, the man was able to crawl upstairs and ask his sleeping sister to take him to Good Samaritan Hospital, the newspaper reported.

I'm guessing the taxpayer will be picking up the tab for saving this moron's life, as well as finding, putting on trial, and imprisoning his attacker. Why would a sane society permit such worthless rubbish to exist? The answer is that it would not. Our world is sick to its core, and incurably insane.

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