Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Blair Van Staalduine: One Dumb Chalky

Last month I posted a story about a high school student from Iowa, who received a three game suspension for wearing a white outfit and making a W sign with his hands. The outfit was part of a school pride activity, where different classes were tasked to wear one of the school colors. The student, Blair Van Staalduine, claimed the W sign was supposed to indicate the school color he was assigned. However, his Southeast Asian principal, Aiddy Phomvisay, said it stood for White Power, hence the suspension for making a racist gesture. Right-leaning news outlets nationwide picked up the story, as Van Staalduine's mother insisted there was nothing racist in the gesture, quoting: “Somebody took a picture of him with his white [outift] doing a ‘W’ sign because they were wearing white. Blair says if they were wearing orange they would have done an ‘O’”.

Of course, there was more to the story. There always is, isn't there? It just seems that the rest of the story only comes out if it is bad news for White people. For when Van Staalduine went to court to get an injunction against the suspension, it was revealed:
- The activities director of the school was told by Blair and other students that it was indeed a White Power gesture (though Blair denies he said this).
- The swim team coach had previously warned Blair and other students about making a similar W gesture.
- Blair admitted that the previous W gesture was for White Power, but said it was "something to joke about".

Armed with this information, District Court Judge Steven Oeth today denied the injunction.

Oh, Blair, you stupid, stupid Chalky. Ugggghhhhhh...

Let us dispense with the counter-arguments:
1) He didn't mean it / it was a joke / he didn't admit it the second time, only the first time. 
Implausible! Risible! Ludicrous! Only a doting mother and an enabling father would believe such poppycock.
2) He has a right to express his White pride. 
That is not what he did though, by his own damn admission! He can't lay claim to racial pride and at the same time call it "something to joke about", so he chose the latter and not the former. Such a defense is also risible.
3) He shouldn't be punished with a three game suspension for a silly stunt.
And what would that silly stunt have cost him if he was in college, or in a job, or in a custody dispute? Better that he learn now that the race cards are stacked against him and that he must intelligently navigate through a hostile world.

So what should he have done, Mr. Smarty?

He should have kept his hands to himself, obviously. But, if you are asking what he should have done after his mistake, he should have shut his mouth and accepted his punishment. Unjust? Unfair? Unkind? Yes. But the matter would have evaporated, not gone freakin' viral. Ten years from now, people will still be able to pull up links to this story. His parents say they are worried how a suspension will impact his scholarship chances. Well how the hell do you think being publicly labelled a racist will impact his scholarship chances you dullards?

Young White people, please hear me. The world hates you. Even your own kind hate you. Even you may hate you. But it is because you are unique and wonderful that you are hated and abused. Cherish and nurture your uniqueness, do not treat it with disdain and cast it aside. And certainly, do not treat it as "something to joke about" or you will find the joke is being played upon you.

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  1. To the commenter who posted today - sorry, but I can't let it thru. Either you are doing a parody of a violent White racist in order to discredit White Whateverism, or you are one stupid Chalky, and you failed to read anything but the headline of the post. You're welcome to try again. And do leave the racial slurs intact - they may be freely expressed here.