Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Ape-Creatures Throwing Rocks at Cars

This would be a rather predictable post, if it weren't for one cosmetic peculiarity. Quoting:

Gainesville police said they arrested two men and continue to search for two more after the men threw rocks off an interstate overpass and struck two vehicles.

One of the two victims spoke exclusively with Channel 2 Action News[...] "It was like a bomb went off," said John Chumley. "It made the van rock, and then all of a sudden, the window just blew out against me."

[...] Gainesville police said they kept a watch on the bridge after the first impact, and because of that, were able to identify the four men.

They arrested Khyrie Harris and Juan Peterson and charged them with felony criminal damage and terroristic acts charges. They said they're looking for Michael Ellis and Kendrick Harris, too.

Now for the cosmetic peculiarity mentioned above. Take a look at this picture of the perps:


What in the name of Black Jesus happened to the one on the left? I think he has previously been intimately acquainted with a rock travelling at high velocity. He looks like he was arrested in the make-up chair on the set of Planet of Apes.


  1. As a Community Organizer Of Negroes (COON) I fine this rasis incensetiv and hurtfull to muh feelinz!

    - The Rt Hon Rev Prof Dr Sir Din'du Nuffin Esq, PhD TNB HIV etc...

    1. Oh, Rev Dr Prof COON, your comment does make me snigger!