Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Accused tortoise torturer girl may have engaged in lewd acts

Oh God, no. Quoting:

Clay County, Fl. —
One of the teens accused of torturing a tortoise in Clay County is facing a new charge.

The Clay County Sheriff’s Office said Jennifer Greene [at the time 17] and a boy under the age of 16 [but over age 12] engaged in sexual acts while playing hide-and-seek.

According to a report from the CCSO, the boy asked to see Greene’s breasts while playing hide-and-seek in June. Greene complied then the two engaged in various sexual acts.

The incident happened before Greene and another girl were allegedly caught on video squirting lighter fluid on a tortoise and stomping it to death, according to the CCSO.

Oh thank, God. I thought they meant lewd acts with the dead tortoise. Of course, for shame that she gave a pubescent boy a thrill - because we all know there is nowhere in the world a boy could simply type a few words, and at the push of a button get literally millions of pictures of tits.

By the way, that's not how you play hide and seek, Jennifer. The game you were playing with the teen is called peek-a-boob.

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