Monday, August 25, 2014

Accidental Blackface in the Name of Diversity

Who hasn't accidentally fostered racism while promoting Diversity? For those of us in the know, it is very easy to grasp that Diversity is about racism directed against Whites for the benefit of non-Whites. Of course, this is all done with the intent of correcting historical wrongs, which excuses the racism against the Whites, and demands that we not call it racism against Whites, but social justice. In fact, should a White person call such discrimination racism, they will be pelted with a chorus of sarcastic, schoolyard boo-hoos from those who enable the discrimination against them, "Look how oppressed I am ... I'm a White male ... waa waa!!!"

But to those well-intentioned White souls new to the malevolent MultiCult agenda, yet desperate to be part of the social justice crowd, it can be difficult to grasp the doublethink of curing racism with racism, which leads to some unintentional hilarity. Case in point, quoting:

A theatre workshop aimed at fostering "a greater understanding of discrimination" has been pulled from a Swedish city festival programme after anti-racism campaigners accused it of offensive, racist 'blackfacing'.

With Other Eyes, by the Danish theatre group Global Voices, uses make-up artists to change participants' race and gender, allowing them to "see the world from a new perspective". [...]

The project was cancelled after Jallow Mamadou, Chairman of the National Association for Afro-Swedes, handed a 240-signature petition condemning the workshop to the festival organisers. [...]

"They don’t have the right to tell us what is blackfacing and what is not. It is me, who is ridiculed and denigrated, who has the right, and the absolute right, to say what is denigrating to me."

Exactly! What is important to the darkie is the only thing that matters. That is the one and only lesson of Diversity that any White person needs to understand.

And now for the hilarity. Time to look at the abominations created by these theatre geeks, and get a math lesson from Compulsory Diversity News -

Chalkie + Dark Make-up = Black-face

Darkie + White Make-up = Monster


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