Wednesday, July 02, 2014


Alternate Title: Not such a Good Burger.

A negropotamus employed at a Houston Whataburger claims she was subjected to fat jokes and forced to clean the floors of the restaurant with a toothbrush.

Quoting this story:

Whitney Clark’s mother shot cell phone video of her daughter working on the floors through the window. She expressed disbelief over what her daughter had been ordered to do.

Clark said she was on her hands and knees for four long hours, cleaning the dining room floor, and the floors in both the men’s and women’s restrooms.

“And the worst part was I didn't even think to put gloves on and they didn't even have the gloves out,” said Clark.

Video of the story, my commentary follows below the video:

AA's Inappropriately Blunt Commentary:

Whitney, good for you for putting up with four hours of grunt work. You disproved the stereotype of the lazy nigger / lazy fatso. To bad you had to complain about it afterward, which proves the stereotype of the disgruntled nigger. Whitney, you had the option to say, "No." People went to the gallows at Nuremberg because "I was only following orders." could not be used as a defense. Might you have been reprimanded? Yes. Might you have been terminated? Yes. But why permanently injure yourself because the manager of a fast food restaurant tells you what to do? If your manager had any talent or was good at making life decisions, she would not be working at the Whataburger.

Whitney, the tool you were using is a grout brush. If you have been using a grout brush for your teeth, your mama has some explaining to do. I know Walmart sells grout brushes for $0.74 and toothbrushes for $2.50, but put back that bottle of grape soda and splurge on the Oral-B., m'kay?

Whitney, you may not appreciate the fat jokes you have endured, and you might be offended by me describing you as a negropotamus, but as someone who has been mistaken for a beached albino whale during my last seaside excursion, (oh, how those environmentalists valiantly tried to push me back into the ocean) I feel it my responsibility to let you know that spandex is not your friend. Try something less form fitting and more breathable.

Whataburger - you fucked up. I don't see any kneepads on that worker. She should have been made to wear them. Depending on the cleaner she had been using and the risk of exposure to body fluids, she should have been compelled to wear gloves. Just because I am a racist doesn't mean I don't respect proper ergonomic solutions for manual laborers.


  1. Speaking of Sowpotamus's, have you been following this story?

    Warning: Have eyewash handy.

  2. Oh, dear Jebus no. Can you imagine the stench? Think primate house at the zoo.

    I like this line: "She's developed an intricate recycling system of washing the dishes, cleaning the floor and flushing the toilet with the same water."

    Otherwise known as wringing out her underpants.