Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Invisible Discriminator A.K.A The Ghost of Common Sense

Quoting this source:

This unnerving spot from Australian mental health charity Beyond Blue shows the casual racism that many Australians show towards aboriginal Australians, by portraying the racist "voice in your head" as an actual person.

Just hold on one goddamn minute ... I am the racist voice in other people's heads you sons of bitches. I don't need some swarthy, turtle-necked dego who refuses to comb his hair trying to horn in on my racket. Just kidding ... I think that swarthy fellow did a great job in this commercial portraying the Ghost of Common Sense!

The slogan for this ad campaign is "Why should anyone be made to feel like crap, just for being who they are?"

Great- so now I have to crap my pants in a hotel lobby instead of getting up to go to the bathroom, just so some darkie doesn't think I am avoiding him when he sits near me? Ah, more joys of diversity and racial sensitivity!


  1. The tag line at the end is the heart of liberal victimization malarkey:
    "No one should be made to feel like crap just for being what they are."
    This is what happens when you follow liberal logic out. You've been oppressed because of gender discrimination, gay discrimination, race discrimination. If YT hasn't paid enough for that already, now YT's MAKING
    minorities FEEL BAD about themselves. See? There's no end to the
    phony, altruistic feel-good sanctimony that liberals claim for themselves...
    because they CARE more than you do.

  2. Also notice they use actually presentable Abos-- not the flat-nosed, sloping
    forehead sub-apes like you actually see in Australia

    1. Excellent points all around, swimologist. The 24/7 bleeding heart nonsense is simply exhausting. You would think people would get sick of it, but the human sheep love their pablum.

      The old man on the bus is the most Abo of the lot, and he is dressed like some Chalky community college professor. Smear him with excrement, give him a 50 year old loin cloth that has never been washed, and replace his briefcase with a chewed human femur and we will have a more accurate representation of an Abo. The other actors are heavily mixed, and outside of Oceania, they would probably be mistaken for Mestizos.

      This advert reminds me of the Saintly, White-imitating Negroes of the 1960's (usually played by Sidney Poitier) who were meant to guilt Chalkies into thinking "They are just like us!!!" in order to advance the race mixing agenda. Note that Poitier left his black wife and four black children and ended up with a mudshark. Big surprise, eh?