Monday, July 28, 2014

Racist? Need Paint? Visit Benjamin Moore today.

A Negro tinkerbell is suing his former employer, Benjamin Moore Paint Company, for "discrimination, retaliation and a hostile work environment." This ought to be good, quoting:

Clinton Tucker claims in court that Benjamin Moore paints fired him after his repeated complaints about their "despicable and racially insulting paint colors called 'Clinton Brown' and 'Tucker Chocolate.'"

Tucker, who identifies himself in the 16-page filing as an African-American homosexual male, claims that when he started working at Benjamin Moore in June 2011 in their Digital Marketing department, "it was clear to the plaintiff that he was not part of the traditional culture" of the company.

Tucker adds that "in addition, BM has a color called 'Clinton Brown.'" He claims that "a BM employee pointed this out to the plaintiff and thought it was funny." [...]

Tucker says that after this exchange, a colleague asked, "If you think that is bad, what about Confederate Red?" which Tucker says is a color of paint that is "offensively described by Benjamin [Moore] as a 'timeless and enduring classic.'"

It is kind of difficult to imagine a major corporation purposefully antagonizing a token Negro (and token fairy) by associating his name with shitskin paint shades, but it is possible, I suppose. Still, why not go the extra mile? Instead of Tucker Chocolate, call it Tucker Packed Fudge - a shade described as "the perfect compliment to a nonconsensual prison romance celebrated with a glass of tur'let wine."

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