Friday, July 25, 2014

Philip Chism: Chimp out so nice he do it twice!

It's been such a long time since murderous sub-ape Philip Chism got national media attention, that one can be forgiven for needing a refresher on how he earned his notoriety. Recall that in October of 2013,  15-year-old mulatto Chism cornered his 24-year-old White teacher Colleen Ritzer in a bathroom, raped her, slashed her throat, stuffed her in a recycling bin, and dumped her corpse behind Danvers High School in Massachusetts. Hooray for the integration of public schools!

One can also be forgiven for thinking that Chism, given the brutality of his crime, would have been treated as an adult and placed in a high security prison. But, no! Chism was placed in a juvenile facility with unlocked doors, access to sharp objects, and unsuspecting females. His three favorite things!

So guess what he did...

Chism, 15, was arraigned in Boston Juvenile Court as a youthful offender Wednesday, accused of attacking a female clinician at the facility where he was being held. Suffolk Assistant District Attorney Mark Zanini said Chism and the unnamed woman had known each other for months. She had been working at the Department of Youth Services facility in Dorchester, where Chism was awaiting trial on charges that he killed Ritzer. [...]

On June 2, Chism, who had been refusing to attend classes, was sitting at a table in a room outside his cell, studying. A male DYS staff member, whose job is to monitor the room, was sitting at a desk behind an eye-level wall, immersed in paperwork. [...]

Chism crouched down, moved past the counter, which blocked him from the worker, and, still crouched, sneaked into the hallway toward the locker room, according to the prosecutor’s account.

As soon as the woman opened the door, Chism allegedly wrapped his hands around her neck, choking her with such force that she was unable to scream. Chism pushed her against a cinderblock wall as she struggled, Zanini said.

Then, Zanini said, Chism took one hand from her neck and started punching her, which took pressure off her windpipe. The woman was finally able to scream, Zanini said.

When co-workers rushed in, they found Chism pummeling the woman, Zanini continued. They pulled Chism off, and the woman ran out of the room, gasping for air. [...]

Chism seemed psychotic, “screaming incoherently [and] foaming at the mouth,” according to a document filed by DYS in Salem Superior Court.

Screaming incoherently and foaming at the mouth? The politically correct way to refer to that is "Hip hop".

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