Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Outrage! Chosenite Told to Deplane


A New York woman is claiming that she was ejected from a JetBlue flight before take off because she is Jewish.

Monday night, Dr. Lisa Rosenberg had been vacationing in Palm Beach County, FL and was in the process of heading home. Shortly after boarding the plane, another woman passenger approached her and an argument ensued. After the argument became heated enough for a flight attendant to intervene, a supervisor arrived and ordered Rosenberg to exit the plane.

According to Dr. Rosenberg:

“A woman comes up to me and says to me ‘I’m a Palestinian,’ and she starts cursing at me. ‘Zionist pig. This is just the beginning.’”

Watch the video below, racist jokes to follow...

Top 5 Reasons Jews are told to deplane:

1) Noses mistaken for excess carry-on baggage that will not fit in the overhead compartment.
2) Shrill, nasal voices interfere with navigation and communication systems.
3) For demanding and hoarding complimentary peanuts.
4) Lured away with offers of free train travel (especially popular reason in 1941).
5) Warned by Mossad that plane is about to be used in a false flag attack.

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