Thursday, July 17, 2014

Nido Taniam - India's Trayvon

Nido Taniam (a.k.a. Nido Tania) is not exactly a household name, but the dead Asian could be described as India's Trayvon Martin. Taniam died earlier this year in what some have labeled a racist attack. Let's get the original, completely unbiased, well-researched, balanced story from

Nido Taniam was a young man from Arunachal Pradesh in northeastern India. The son of a state legislator, Taniam was like 20-year-olds anywhere, with his trendy haircut and love of music. Last Friday, he stopped at a shop in a market in Delhi, to ask for directions. The shopkeeper and his friends made fun of Taniam’s hair and clothes and a brawl began. It ended with Taniam’s death.

This wasn’t a senseless fight over a haircut, however. It was Taniam’s East Asian features that marked him out for attack and his death highlighted the racism that many from India’s beautiful but impoverished northeastern states are subjected to.

Before we begin, please note that Taniam's "trendy" haircut appears to have been stolen from the Ancient Aliens guy, which is indeed mock worthy. 

Follow the logic - Indians make fun of Taniam's hair and clothes > brawl ensues > Taniam dead > Racists murdered Nido Taniam.

But, oops!, there is of course more to the story that doesn't fit the narrative of angelic martyr dies at the hands of racist monsters. I'll give you a moment to recover from that concept ... as unfamiliar and startling as it may be that the Western media would present a false narrative to bolster their Diversity agenda.

1) Indians make fun of Taniam's hair and clothes > brawl ensues
More info: The scuffle took place after the workers mocked Taniam's hair and he broke a window pane at the shop in retaliation. This source says it was a glass counter.

Now, doesn't that make more sense than, "Hey, Ancient Aliens head - we're going to beat you to death because of your hairstyle."

2) brawl ensues > Taniam dead
More infoHe was beaten up in an altercation with some shopkeepers in Lajpat Nagar on January 29 this year, and was found dead at his residence the next day.

So they didn't beat him to death. They simply beat him up, and all the doctor's in India have left for jobs in Britain and America, so there was no one to treat his injuries.

3) Taniam dead > Racists murdered Nido Taniam

Now we are at the point of interpretation. If Taniam had been Indian and come into a shop with that hair, would he have been mocked? If Taniam had been Indian and smashed shop property, would he have been assaulted? If the answer to the previous two question is yes, then what does racism have to do with this death?

And here is the answer - because by framing the death in terms of race, the Cult of Diversity is able to advance its agenda of control. Which brings us to today's story:

A committee to look at issues concerning security of people from the Northeast in Indian cities has suggested creating a database to track people from the region and asked for strict regulation of social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. It has also suggested setting up an exclusive Northeast Centre for legal and counselling services.

The M P Bezbaruah committee was set up in the aftermath of the killing in Delhi of a 19-year-old student from Arunachal Pradesh, Nido Tania.

Does it make sense to you now? Anti-racist isn't a codeword, it's a power grab - whether in White or non-White countries.


  1. Would it be possible to spray India with some kind of "humanicide" and use the territory thereof as a giant pasture to raise beef cattle?

    It's past time for Time Magazine and their fellow travelers to exit the stage of human history.

  2. For humanicide to work, there would have to be some actual humans left in India. Subhumans abound in the subcontinent.

    However, the idea that a depopulated India would become a grazing pasture for cattle is delightfully ironic.

    Perhaps Time magazine's editors should travel to India to get first hand experience of the gang rape phenomenon the sub-humans seem to enjoy so much.