Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Leftists and their Pet Negroes

I am of the opinion that Leftist, anti-racist Whites are in fact racist.

As an avowed White supremacist, I believe Whites are superior to non-Whites when it comes to classifying subspecies of humans. Therefore I am a racist. However, I have such a low opinion of humans that saying Whites are better than non-Whites is like saying stepping on dry dog poop is more desirable than stepping on wet dog poop.

Right-wingers don't avow White supremacy, but their desire to control borders and prevent welfare handouts is seen as racist by the majority of humans. Certainly such measures would benefit White people more than brown people, so the racism charge makes sense.

White Left-wingers claim everyone is equal and race does not exist, then they explain that obvious social inequality among non-Whites is the result of White people and those White people must pay! Doublethink at its best, I know. From my view, the White leftists position is itself racist, but inasmuch as it is self-destructive, suicidal, and genocidal against Whites, White leftist racism is tolerated by the brown unwashed masses until such time as the White leftist agenda is complete.

But what do the White leftists (suicidalists) really think of the brown people for whom they advocate? I assert this video perfectly - beyond perfectly if that is possible - explains the attitude of White leftists to their brown burden.

The preceding is a South African advert meant to raise awareness of global child hunger, but it instead brought allegations of racism. Quoting:

Feed A Child SA has apologised for its advert which features a black child being fed like a dog by a white woman.

The ad was aired on television and has sparked controversy on social media, with some commentators calling the ad racist.

Feed A Child SA's chief executive Elza Rautenbach has since apologised for the ad saying that it wasn't intended to cause any harm.

Talk about biting the hand that feeds you. Heh... one day those untermenschen pit bulls are going to be mauling their lefty handlers like it's Roy Horn's last stage show.


  1. Haha, yes, spot on. And as a South African and inveterate race-realist, I took great delight in the controversy around this advert, and was moved to comment as follows on the blog of one of the (black) commentators:

    The only reason why people get offended by this advert is because it's too close to the truth - for them!
    I'm not saying black people are like dogs; what I'm saying is that blacks (and white liberals) must secretly believe there is some truth in this comparison, which is why they immediately make the association.
    If I or my children or any other white children were depicted as playing the role of a dog to make an advertiser's point I might be mildly amused but I would not be offended - simply because the thought that my people could even remotely be equated with dogs would not even enter my mind!
    So, come on, be honest - the grievous offense you feel is simply a reflection of your ingrained sense of inferiority. Time to rise above that. Surely blacks don't always need to be depicted in flattering terms just so that viewers don't get confused about whether they can be equated with dogs?!

  2. Good Lord, I can envision the barking that triggered from those mongrels.

    Can you imagine the outcry if a home security system commercial actually showed a black guy breaking into to someone's house? Because we all know that never happens! And yet, I speculate a sizeable contingent of the groids would decry such a depiction as raaaacist.