Friday, July 11, 2014

If the T-shirt fits, wear it.

Ha! Isn't that just too perfect? Quoting this story...

A San Diego-based clothing company [Just Add A Kid] has landed in hot water over a photo showing its T-shirts featuring the body of a monkey paired off with a customized hanger depicting the face of an African-American boy. [...]

'The widely distributed and inappropriate picture of a mismatched "Just Add A Kid" hanger with one of our t-shirt products was not authorized, condoned or tolerated by our company,' spokesperson David Oates wrote in a statement released on Twitter. [...]

The company explained the T-shirts and hooks came separately, and it was up to each individual store carrying the Just Add A Kid brand to match the two. 

As visitor "skilpad" pointed out in this post about the South African hunger-awareness advert featuring a White woman feeding a black boy like a dog -

[...] what I'm saying is that blacks (and white liberals) must secretly believe there is some truth in this comparison, which is why they immediately make the association.

We know the blacks are apes. Our White enemies know the blacks are apes. Even the blacks know they are apes. That is why calling them apes is verboten. 

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