Sunday, July 13, 2014

If Disney Princesses Dated Black Guys

Oh, I do amuse myself. The captions, of course, were mine, but the preceding images were, quoting this article, produced by: [...] artist Saint Hoax, who created a Disney Princess-inspired campaign titled "Happy Never After" to highlight the brutal truth of domestic violence.

What's next? Does "artist" Saint Hoax have any illustrations of muppets being molested for a "Don't tickle me, Elmo!" series meant to raise awareness of pedophilia?


  1. Are you trying to say black men are violent beings? Cuz just as there are a blacks who put their hands on women, there is a whole lot more white who do. Keep your ignorance to yourself.

    1. Actually - men in general are violent beings. And since there are more black men than white men on the earth, it stands to reason that there are in fact more black men "who put their hands on women", now doesn't it?

      What a silly little cunt you are Sama-LIE. Did you think you had *struck a blow* for social justice by spreading your nonsense that there are more White men than Black men committing violence against women? By Jebus you're a pathetic excuse for a Social Justice Warrior. It is sad when a racist has to explain to an SJW how MultiKulturalism works.

      Here you go - the answers from the teacher's edition of the Diversity 101 textbook for budding young SJW's...

      1) There is only one race - the human race.
      2) Male-on-female violence has existed in all cultures at all times throughout (his)tory, that's why x, y and z need feminism.
      3) Rape culture is perpetuated by popular culture, regardless of ethnicity. See:

      Do try to keep up with the game. I've over 1300 racist/sexist/homophobic posts on this blog. Do you think you are the first special snowflake who has clutched her pearls and fallen back on her fainting couch because I said something mean about niggers?