Saturday, July 19, 2014

If Benny Hill Wore Blackface in the 21st Century

I think it would go a little something like this:

Quoting this story:

A pub landlord and his friend sparked a race row at a carnival parade after 'blacking up' as tennis sisters Venus and Serena Williams.

Kevin Stevens and pal Jason Luke smothered themselves in dark fake tan, donned afro-style wigs and dressed up in tennis outfits for the stunt. [...]

Kevin, 50, from Redruth, Cornwall, apologised for the fancy dress, saying: "I've upset people and I'm very sorry. We never set out to upset anybody.

"All the guys are devastated and myself especially because I have black friends.

"I don't want anybody looking at us thinking we are racists because that's not the type of people we are.

Kevin, yes you and your mate are racist because you noticed racial differences, and built them into your costumes. Now here is the tricky part - everyone else is racist too. Otherwise, they would not have known what you were doing! Whites see racial differences, but - please pay attention here Kevin - they pretend the differences don't exist and go out of their way to avoid mentioning them for fear of being labeled a racist. By the way, you achieved the racist empty-sack apology triple play:

1) "I'm sorry."
2) "I have black friends."
3) "I'm not racist."


  1. I'm willing to bet that these two guys have lower levels of testosterone than the Williams "sisters".

  2. Ha! Certainly the guy in the white tank top has larger breasts than the sub-ape-esses.

  3. The epitome of evil!

    Will someone please think of the feelings...

    1. Exactly - how do you think Venus and Serena feel when they realize that White men pretending to be them have a better chance of attracting black men then Venus and Serena do in real life?

    2. LULZ...

      I thought Venus and Serena were black men :)

    3. Heh, you're right of course. Their grunting on the court when they serve sounds just like "Muh dick!"