Saturday, July 12, 2014

Human Gay Pride Whopper Attacks Pro-Lifers

In a startling defeat for evolution, a Gay Pride Whopper suddenly achieved sentience on Wednesday July 9th, 2014. It's first act was to sprout chubby limbs and a snaggletooth, then run through the streets assaulting Pro-Life demonstrators.

Quoting the Gay Pride Whopper...

...before demolishing a placard depicting a fetus at 12 weeks:

That is not what a fetus looks like. It's a clump of fucking cells at 12 weeks!

...after destroying the sign and being chased a brief distance and realizing her stubby legs could not carry her further than 10 yards before collapsing under her massive bulk:

You are fucking White male privileged assholes! What you are is a racist mother fucker as well! How dare you do this kind of fucking shit asshole!

Ah!!! There it is! They are racist too! Racist - Racist - Raaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy-cist!!! The leftist equivalent of gorillas thumping their chests to establish dominance. Stop the argument, kill yourself now - I've won by calling you a racist and your life is forfeit. Queue L'Internationale!

Watch the video here, and prepare to be amused: LINK.

The only thing that could have made this video better would have been if Whopper had begun pummeling one of the chalky boys while screaming "Have it your way!" Notice how the tirade begins to abate when some black woman (I assume the darkie is with the pro-life kids) tells the Gay Pride Whopper to back off. Whopper was completely trumped at that point - how could she dare argue with a black female? So Whopper continues to sputter obscenities at the chalky boy until her bus arrives. Funny, I thought the bus would be shorter.

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