Monday, July 21, 2014

French Girls App: Racial Truth thru Selfies

Quoting the French Girls App website:

French Girls is the legendary award-winning app where strangers anonymously draw portraits based on "selfies" others have posted.

Well, this sounds like a ready-made tool for driving people to suicide! Whoa - that got cynical quickly. Usually, I put in a few condescending sarcastic remarks before being brutally honest. But not today, apparently. Here is one example:

Please note: I added the black bar so the girl will hopefully leave me out of her suicide note.

I learned about the app from a story about a sub-ape-ess who was not happy with her French Girls app response:

Someone had drew her selfie, and ... in capital D - Disbelief ... others interpreted the picture as racist. Quoting this artist who provided motherlymarg with a friendlier, revised version of the picture:

Black women are often mocked and villainized and to me the illustration she received is simply a reflection of the micro-aggression we've faced since white boats came ashore in Africa. [...] #colorism #frenchgirlsapp #racism #art #blackwomen


Yes, I can see it now. The first Europeans run their "white boats" aground on the shores of Africa, then set up an easel and a sign that says "Racist Caricatures, 1 Banana Each". Meanwhile, a White guy with a butterfly net waits behind the dunes for an unwitting savage to sit for her portrait.


Is what was done to motherlymarg racist? Yes. Does it remotely compare with slavery? No. Does it entitle her to more sympathy than forehead girl at the start of this post - that depends on how racist you are!

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