Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Don't do this.

Quoting this article:

Spanish police on Monday arrested a teenager suspected of beating up a Mongolian man inside a Barcelona metro train in an alleged racist attack after a video of the incident posted online went viral. [...]

Police said in a statement they had detained a young man who is suspected of carrying out the beating and charged two others, including another minor, who acted as accomplices. [...]

Police did not give the nationality of the suspect who was arrested, but Spanish media reported that he was Russian. [...]

The video, which was repeatedly played on Spanish television stations and had over half a million views on YouTube, sparked angry reactions from anti-racism campaigners and government officials.

“We want to make it clear that attitudes like this are not acceptable in our city,” Barcelona city hall said in a statement.

IF this was a racist attack, I condemn it completely and unreservedly. Why?

1) It accomplishes nothing positive for the White race.
2) It perpetuates the stereotype of the racist bully/thug.
3) It garners sympathy for non-Whites who should not be in European/White countries.
4) It wastes the potential of White person who was racially aware, and who is now just a petty criminal.

Of course, we do not have proof this was a racially-motivated attack, but even my magic-88-ball says "All signs point to jawohl."

To any young White person considering such a path I say - Stop. Don't do this. Please consider other options: LINK 1 / LINK2

(j/k with LINK2)


  1. I heartily agree, Adrean. Heck, I don't have a problem with Mongolians. They are pretty cool, though I don't want to interbreed with them. But overall, they're not bad chaps. And they have a Nazi party! Their Jews are the Chinese. Personally, I don't have a dog in that fight, but I find it amusing to see the descendants of Genghis Khan marching around in Nazi regalia.


  2. Good for those mongoloids! If the swastika becomes a general symbol of race purity, ethno-nationalism, and separatism, that can only benefit the White race.

    I pray to DATGOY that all non-Whites come to value their own blood purity with all haste. I would love to see a day when White race-mixers of both genders are told by the brown people they pursue: "Get away! I don't date outside my race, you chalky pervert!"