Friday, July 04, 2014

Crappy Independence Day!

I worked today - on Independence Day no less! And I didn't even have to work. As a "salaried professional" I don't even get holiday pay. And yet, I work almost every holiday. So why do I do it? 

1) I enjoy playing the role of joyless Scrooge, shunning his relative's company, grimacing at people who lament having to work the holiday, and condemning those who spend the mortgage money on frivolity.

2) I can get an enormous amount of work done when I am not being interrupted by nincompoops who are either trying to avoid their work by socializing with me, or trying to avoid their work by giving it to me.

3) I find Independence Day to be just as meaningless and pointless a holiday as St. Patrick's Day or Memorial Day or Labor Day or any other excuse 'muricans conjure up to drink too much and avoid productivity. See pie chart below:

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