Sunday, June 29, 2014

The World's Most Awkward Game of Interracial Twister

Last month, a sub-ape-ess English professor was arrested at Arizona State University (ASU) after an altercation with police. Ersula Ore was in the street when she was stopped and asked to produce ID. Let's watch what happened...

The recent controversy in this case is that ASU has announced they see no "inappropriate actions" on the part of the officers, but every whinging leftist (as if there was any other kind) sees racial profiling and police brutality. And what does Adrean Arlott see? The world's most awkward game of interracial twister. Monkey paw blue! Po-po hand red! Monkey foot yellow! Po-po foot up monkey ass! Po-po wins! The officer was out of his weight class, and it showed. He really struggled just to keep from being flipped. Good thing he had back up.

I have no need for further commentary, as a Negro commentator on the story summed up the situation perfectly:

Indy Syder said:

Ersula Ore is a well-spoken ghetto hood wench with a degree. She fit every stereotype against black women in this clip. First, she wouldn't listen because you can't tell them nothing. Second, she wasn't going to comply because the law and rules ain't applying to them. Third, she was argumentative, loud, and rude. Fourth, she was physically combative. And fifth and final, she still didn't think she was wrong. For kicking a police officer, she should not only lose her position at Arizona State University, [s]he should have to serve at least 18 months for resisting arrest and assaulting a police officer.

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