Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The Chillun is are Future


In the “you can’t make this up” file, Paul Robeson High School in Chicago just had its prom and its theme was “This Is Are Story.” Sadly, this isn’t a joke or a bit of intentional irony on the part of the students. [...] The taxpayers pay these teachers $76,000 a year and the school’s administration can’t even distinguish between “are” and “our” on printed cards they hand out on prom night?

On a side note, the first Black History Monf report I was ever forced to write was about Paul Robeson. I remember nothing about the sub-ape, but I do remember blowing the first line when I read the report to my class. I had never heard his name spoken, so I pronounced it Paul Rob-is-son, instead of the correct pronunciation which is Oooga Boo-gee-son. Just kidding, it's Robe-is-son. The white, female teacher smirked when I said it and corrected me. Clearly, that incident turned me into the racist monster I are today.

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