Monday, June 09, 2014

SexxyBait13 is Born!

Ha! Look at this headline:
Computer simulating 13-year-old boy becomes first to pass Turing test

Holy God, where to begin? If you get why this is ironically funny, congratulations. You may read the article, or go about your business while chuckling under your breath. However, if you are asking, "Just what is the Turing test, and why would it involve a computer that can pretend to be a 13-year-old boy?", allow me to unpack this one for you.

Alan Turing was an eminent British computer scientist employed as a codebreaker for the Allies during WWII. He was also a homosexual, and was sentenced to chemical castration by the British government in 1952. He died two years later from an apparent suicide.

In the 1940's Turing proposed an experiment in which a human would communicate with either a machine or another human via typewritten messages. He asserted that if a human communicating with a machine could not distinguish the machine from a human with equal frequency that a human communicating with a human could not distinguish the two, then the machine could be thought of as replicating human intelligence.

Now, combine these pieces together and the joke takes shape: The first computer that can be thought of as mimicking a human and passing the the Turing test is meant to simulate a 13-year-old boy. Again: the first artificially intelligent computer (by the definition of Alan Turing) could be used to lure homosexual pedophiles on the internet! Thank you, DATGOY! (Dark And Terrible God Of ironY)

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