Friday, June 06, 2014

Seven Decades of Western Decline

Come on boys - let's go make Europe safe for bearded transexuals, African boat refugees, and Sharia law!


  1. Thank heaven's WWII is aging out like WWI did. Another decade and just about everyone who remembers it will be dead.

    What really sucks about the current era is that it is the post world war jew era. it it was their big victory, and did they ever make hay and keep making hay out of w w 2! THey sucked it dry! look at all the movies they make out of it, tehir big politically correct war. I'm so sick of hollyweird wwjew movies!

    history has its own trajectory and it's own agenda, adn the post war era is coming to a close. people ain't going to care in 20, 30 years about this shit.

    Obama was chewing gum during the Normandy services or whatever they were doing there! that's fucking awesome! he doesn't give a shit about world war jew either! ha, I knew why I voted for him! He doesn't believe in the American pieties, and has a hard time hiding it.

    1. Yes, but once the WWII era folks are dead and gone, then WWII will become even more of a Hollywood fantasy mindfuck. Just as Americans now believe the Civil War was fought to free the slaves, they will come to believe that WWII was fought to free the Jews. If we now have Lincoln being portrayed as a vampire hunter, I fully expect that within a few decades we shall see a movie in which FDR in a steam-powered-wheelchair-tank leads the multi-racial hordes to attack the Nazi zombie armies on Omaha Beach.

      And yes, WordPress is a good idea.

  2. World war 3 is brewing lads, the leeches are getting blood hungry.

  3. and if you do a good job we will give you a bonus