Monday, June 30, 2014

Hobbles with Wolves

Over at this story about Philip Chism, the Negro who raped and murdered his High School teacher, a commenter posted:

"i don't know what your intention is here but these images are highly offensive. The myth of black men as rapists is totally unfounded"


We've got a live one here!

Until we face and come to terms with the legacy of violence, injustice, institutional racism and hatred we Americans have perpetrated on people of color--including Native Americans and people we brought to this country against their will and kept in bondage--we will never be a true democracy.

If you are a regular visitor to my blog, you should already know my position on these horrors. Atrocity is part of the human condition, not the purview of one race. Because I was fed a steady diet of "It's Whitie's Fault!" growing up in the Marxist Youth Indoctrination Factories (Public Schools) I became fed to the teeth with the idea that Whites were inherently to blame for all social ills, and reacted against that propaganda using irony. Had the commissars (teachers) permitted the slightest counterbalance to their propaganda, I probably would not have plumbed the depths of interweb racism and become the monster I am today.

Now - on with the show. Time to talk about everyone's favorite tree-huggers and highway-trash-criers, the Native Americans. As we all know, Native Americans lived at peace before the White man. They never got a cold, never went to bed angry, never killed a deer without eating every part of it including the still warm penis, never met a wolf with whom they did not twerk, etc... etc... etc...

At a Pre-Columbian site in Southwest Colorado, archaeologists have discovered something disturbing:

More than a massacre, the scene at Sacred Ridge betrayed evidence of at least 33 people, men and women alike, having been not only butchered and burned, but, according to new research — also tortured. [...]

The fragments of foot bones [...] studied bore the hallmarks of hobbling — the practice of immobilizing a victim’s feet, in this case by breaking the ankles — as well as severe beating on the soles, an act whose only purpose could have been to cause pain.

Charming. Let's see Pocahontas "run the hidden pine trails of the forest" with her ankle bones shattered.

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