Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Ministry's Billboard Quotes Hitler

From this article:

An Alabama ministry is apparently using an Adolf Hitler quote on a billboard at a mall.

The billboard, which as of Tuesday had been covered up, shows five smiling children and the Nazi leader's quote alongside them: "He alone, who owns the youth, gains the future." [...] The billboard also features a Bible verse, reports

The board was apparently rented by Life Savers Ministries, a religious group seeking to help at-risk children, according to, but there is no advertisement on the sign.

Ooops! What PR genius came up with that one? I'm sure it was meant to make people think about the eeevil people who might try to get their crinkled hands upon the chilluns. But the execution is deliriously misguided, especially since the bible quote is much smaller than the Hitler quote and gets kind of lost in the clutter.

A visit to the Life Savers Ministries website makes one long for the comforting embrace of nothingness that awaits we non-believers in the afterlife, as the website squeaks out a Kidz-Bop-esque Jesus-romance song: "Everyday you'll be my number one Jesus, Jesus my number one!" Number one what? Number one like pee-pee? Like Commander Riker? Like the guy who pops your cherry? What the hell are you cooing about you saccharine slut?

The missionary man most likely responsible for the billboard mishap is the founder of the ministry, James Anderegg, who has every appearance of being a Chalky hipster doofus running just another give-free-stuff-to-niggers charity. Now some may reason that Anderegg is doing a public service for Whities by Christianizing (bribing) the sub-apes with free gifts so they will be less likely to rob/rape/murder said Whities in the future. I say that all he is teaching these kids is that Whitie has stuff you want and that he owes you. Still, how confused these chilluns must be when they read the ministry's billboard "he alone who owns the youth..." Feeling a bit massa-like today, James? Trying to own these darkies, are you?

Or maybe he does think of himself like der f├╝hrer, quoting from the ministry website:

"Every Saturday, our fun graffiti buses roll out just like tanks invading a city at 9AM going into the roughest and toughest areas of Opelika and Auburn Alabama.

Ha! Blitzkrieg in Alabama, eh?

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