Saturday, June 21, 2014

Blue Eyed Devil 2014

I was doing the rounds of White sites today and came across this story at Radix. To summarize, the mugshot photo of a good-looking quadroon with blue eyes (Jeremy Meeks) is moistening panties and garnering Facebook likes on the Stockton Police Department website. According to the LA Times, the post resulted in "nearly 50,000 “likes,” 14,700 comments and more than 5,400 shares by Friday morning".

It is enough to make the editors of Radix opine:

While female desire for criminal sociopaths is no new phenomenon, the more troubling fact is that so many White women fell for the looks of a criminal super Mulatto. [...]

Whatever his actual race, he unsurprisingly has a blonde-haired wife.

So this is how it ends indeed.

Huh? Hopefully that lament was meant to be ironic, because taken seriously it is an embarrassing mewling. What, no Identitarianism lectures to bore the masses with this week? Get a grip Radish Journal - Jeremy Meeks is not how it ends because Jeremy Meeks is simply a should-a-been Benetton ad model who (figuratively speaking) got in with the Compton Crips instead of the Hollywood Creeps. The poor guy doesn't even seem to understand what is going on on the other side of the plexiglass. See his interview below.

No, Radish, this is not how it ends - this is how it began. That is why I led this post with a picture of the dark-complected, blue-eyed caveman revealed to the world in stories like this one, earlier this year: "First human with blue eyes is 7,000 years old." I believe that White people arose from Brown people who arose from subhuman people who arose from ape people who arose from apes. For the sake of this post, we need only agree that Whites arose from Browns. And if it happened once, it can happen again.

This is why I constantly point out: Humans cannot defeat racism. Racism will defeat humans. Mixing the races is not like mixing a pot of instant tea powder. It would require constant attention and control to keep the races from re-sorting back into lighter and darker shades, more chiseled and more rounded skulls, more stocky and more lanky bodies. That kind of social control is just not plausible. It would be like trying to professionally breed mutts.

So take heart Radishes. Jeremy is proof that even in post-racial America, White features will still moisten panties and find a way to multiply themselves at the expense of the Non-White features of the lesser races. Mwuhahaha!


  1. Excellent point, Adrean! Sure wish I could just easily reblog this post with Wordpress.

  2. Thank you, and you're quite right - I need to get back to work on my Wordpress page.