Sunday, June 08, 2014

Anti-Sunscreen is a codeword for Anti-White

From Fox News:

A Texas mom is angry over a school ban on sunscreen that she says led to her daughter getting a severe sunburn during a field trip.

The North East Independent School District has the restriction because it considers sunscreen toxic, and fears kids will eat it, parent Christy Riggs, of San Antonio, told Fox News.

“The reality is: Children don’t eat sunscreen and they’re not going to,” Riggs said.

Don't be so sure. Have you seen the fuckwits who populate our nation's schools? And with Moochelle Obama's dietary restrictions in place, the kids might be so hungry that sunscreen seems appetizing.

Seriously people, the educational system is a manufacture of collectivist dullards who are intended to keep the global plantation running. A sunburn is the least of your worries if you send your kids to Marxist Mills Elementary for their 5-times-weekly, 8-hour brainwashing sessions.

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