Thursday, June 19, 2014

3 Racist Images for Today 06-19-2014


  1. White city, I know where that is! It's in Iowa and it's called Des Moines . Get this it's like a city, but there is almost all White people it's kinda hard to imagine but I was there for a couple of days. Even in fast food restaurants the employees are pretty much all White. I've lived in quite a few cities in my life, I live in one now & i've never seen anything like it.

    I think everyone should see this awesome place before they turn it into another diversity enriching third world hell hole. Of course I haven't been there
    since 2008 so it may already be too late.

  2. I'm afraid times are changing. The latest census has White non-Hispanics comprising 70.5% of Des Moines population.

    Still, that is better than where I live, which is at 52%.

    New York 33.3% White.
    Dallas 28.8% White.
    Los Angeles 28.7% White.

  3. Do a search of "Iowa State Fair Beat Whitey Night".

    One Article: describes the TNB.

  4. "Police are investigating whether a series of assaults at the Iowa State Fair were racially motivated since the attackers reportedly announced it was “Beat Whitey Night” during one attack."

    "According to a Des Moines Police Department report, a group of young black assailants pummeled a white fairgoer Friday night, an assault that cops believe may have racial overtones due to what was said by the attackers."

    "The motto for the fair, which closed Sunday, was 'Non Stop Fun.'"