Friday, May 16, 2014

Robert Copeland - Please do not recant or repent

An 82-year-old White police commissioner from Wolfeboro, New Hampshire has become the subject of a national 2-minutes of hate after he admitted to calling the Chimp in Chief the N-word, which is to say nigger - as in - Obongo is one stank ass, faggot-loving nigger and his wife is a butt-ugly lesbo nigger.

Let's flesh out the details in this niggerish drama:

1) The duly elected public figure in question is Robert Copeland (pictured left). In March, he was overheard in a Wolfeboro restaurant calling Presbidem Obongo a nigger.
2) The busy-body who overheard him, Jane O'Toole (pictured below), made it her personal mission to destroy the twilight years of the octogenarian. Jane "what a fucking tool" O'Toole has only lived in the town four months, but she has decided that the most important thing she can do to improve her community is to become the town's Gladys Kravitz and instigate a witch hunt against a local Obongo-defamer. What a surprise that a White-guilter leads the charge for the public lynching of a naughty-word-user.

3) Copeland admitted he called Obongo a nigger, and rubbed salt in O'Toole's butthurt wound by penning her a letter that explained: For this, I do not apologize -- he meets and exceeds my criteria for such.

4) About 100 witch hunters showed up at the public burning, but were only able to make self-righteous pronouncements against the heretic. Copeland has yet to give them what they want - a resignation.

Mr. Copeland, please hear me now. The eyes of the nation are upon you. The brain-washed masses cannot comprehend the depth of their idiocy and degeneracy. They cannot comprehend that their nation is rotting from the inside out. When the system heaves up some hideous portent of its decline, the brain-washed masses need scapegoats to divert their attention and explain their failings. Whites who do not tow the politically correct line are the perfect scapegoats of the age. You, Mr. Copeland, have the opportunity to thumb your nose at these degenerates, who think that saying the word nigger is worse than actually being a nigger. Do not give them the apology they need to keep their lies propped up. Say nothing. Go about your daily business. Smile at your detractors and your friends alike. When asked about the incident, simply repeat "I have nothing more to say about that." They will find easier, flashier targets if you wait them out. Please, Mr. Copeland, do not resign, do not apologize, and do not lend credence to their lying message - that word is more offensive than deed.

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