Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Not So Private Dancer

A "White" "woman" claims "she" was the victim of racism at an African Arts Festival in St. Louis. The organizer of the event claims Susan Stone, who calls herself the "Dance of Life Dancer" on YouTube, was causing a disruption at the event with her dance routines and costume changes. Stone is quoted as saying:

“He tells me, ‘You can’t be doing this here; this is an African-American event, (and) you can’t be at this event (because) you’re not black,’” Stone said. “I feel angry because they’re missing out on the beauty of everything. We’re all supposed to get along together – that’s what God says.”

No, that is what the Get Along Gang says, unless perhaps Montgomery Moose is her God.

It should be noted that Stone dresses in tutus, and swings pom-poms and parasols during her dances. Further, she tends to run about and require a great deal of space while she performs, therefore, it is not inconceivable that she stood out like a sore thumb at the African Arts festival. Quoting the man who is accused by Stone (from the same article):

“This is not the ballerina arts festival, this is not the European arts festival,” says a man in the recording who Stone identified as a festival employee. “It is not the Caucasian arts festival.”

However, what is not quoted is the Darkie explaining to Stone that she is horning in on the performance space, and that she is not one of the performers. I think one of the organizers of the event got it right when he said Stone was disruptive, but the festival employee still acted inappropriately. That is not enough for Stone, who posted the confrontation on her YouTube channel, followed by a rambling monologue about the event (see below).

Frightening, isn't "she"? Yes, it is a transexual - "her" real name is David L. Stone. Just in case you needed more proof that the Darkies were right in this case, please see Susan/David dancing here. Or you can get a reasonable simulation by watching the Family Guy clip below.

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