Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Jeremy and Christine Moody

A White couple, described as "Neo-Nazis" and "White Supremacists" were given life imprisonment today for murdering a convicted child molester and his wife. Jeremy and Christine Moody deliberately targeted Charles and Gretchen Parker for death after discovering Charles' name and address from a sex offender registry in South Carolina. Note that the Parker's were White, so race is not a motive in the crime. The Moody's claimed to have been molested as children. Quoting from the second linked article above, a psychologist noted "they felt it was their life’s mission to execute as many sex offenders as possible."

The couple smiled when they saw each other again in court, and shared a kiss before they were taken away to begin their sentences. Quoting the first article linked above, Jeremy called out to the victim's relatives "See you perverts later [...] That's what child molesters get." You can watch highlights of the sentencing in the video below.

Reading through comments on this story, I noticed three prevalent themes among the posters:

1) About a third of the people condemned the Moody's for killing the sex offender's wife, but didn't care much about the murder of the sex offender. These people tend to overlook the raaaacist affiliation of Jeremy Moody.

2) Another approximate third of the people condemned the Moody's for taking justice into their own hands. Some of these people go so far as to argue that molestation is not as bad as murder, so killing the molester is unjustified.

3) The final approximate third of the people wished various scenarios of prison rape, prison murder, and damnation to hell upon the Moody's. The theme with this group is that the raaaacists deserve to die or be tortured for their beliefs.

Where am I on this topic? I feel sorry for them, and I reserve judgment.

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