Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Elliot Rodger: Victim of Half-Asian Virgin Privilege

I have been having fun this evening giggling at the Elliot Rodger Manifesto, the magnum opus of the media's current obsession - the misogynist, half-Asian virgin spree-killer, Elliot Rodger.  In fact, I haven't had this much fun reading a manifesto since Christopher Dorner's Manifesto. Both are chock-full of utterly trivial, Millennial Generation mundanity, worthy of chortles. Both comment on movies and pop culture (Rodger admitted he still got emotional thinking about his favorite childhood film The Land Before Time), and relay ho-hum youthful experiences as if they were episodes of the most vital national import (Rodger even documents the moment when he finally realized Pokemon wasn't cool anymore).

From reading their manifestos, it is clear that both Dorner and Rodger felt themselves persecuted partly on account of their race. The difference is that Dorner felt his blackness had impacted his career prospects, while Rodger's felt inadequate because he was part-Asian and part-White. In fact, Rodger's mixed race origins tormented him, and he was absolutely obsessed with the racial desirability of White, blonde females, and the fact he couldn't bed one. I'm not kidding, these are actual quotes from his manifesto:

This revelation about the world, and about myself, really decreased my self-esteem. On top of this was the feeling that I was different because I am of mixed race. I am half White, half Asian, and this made me different from the normal fully-white kids that I was trying to fit in with. 

And then this black boy named Chance said that he lost his virginity when he was only thirteen! In addition, he said that the girl he lost his virginity to was a blonde white girl! I was so enraged that I almost splashed him with my orange juice.

How could an inferior, ugly black boy be able to get a white girl and not me? I am beautiful, and I am half white myself. I am descended from British aristocracy. He is descended from slaves.

The sight of them enraged me to no end, especially because it was a dark-skinned Mexican guy dating a hot blonde white girl. I regarded it as a great insult to my dignity. How could an inferior Mexican guy be able to date a white blonde girl, while I was still suffering as a lonely virgin?

The sight of that filled me with rage. I always felt as if white girls thought less of me because I was half-Asian, but then I see this white girl at the party talking to a full-blooded Asian. I never had that kind of attention from a white girl! And white girls are the only girls I’m attracted to, especially the blondes. How could an ugly Asian attract the attention of a white girl, while a beautiful Eurasian like myself never had any attention from them?

This one was a half White, half Mexican named Samuel, and I immediately took an intense disliking to him when I was first introduced to him.[...] I eventually grew to hate him after I heard him having sex with my sister. I arrived at the house one day, my mother being at work, and heard the sounds of Samuel plunging his penis into my sister’s vagina through her closed room door, along with my sister’s moans. I stood there and listened to it all.

Whoa. Quoting American Dad's Roger Smith, let's keep that "between you, me, and the string of therapists who won't be able to help you." It's ironic (DATGOY lives!) that Rodger killed 3 Asians by stabbing them (the stereotypical Asian killing-spree choice) then went on to rundown and gundown 3 Whites (his White half used the gun, I can only assume his Asian half accidentally ran over the White pedestrians as he was driving to the scene of the shootings).

In the end, 22-year-old-virgin Elliot might have been judging himself by standards that only half applied to him, given his mixed-race heritage. According to this graphic, Elliot still had another year before he reached the maximum average age at which ching chongs lose their virginity.

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