Sunday, May 11, 2014

Calling off the Anschluss on Account of Faggotry

A bearded tranny has won the Eurovision song contest for 2014. Looking like a 2-ticket freak act, Conchita Wurst (real name Tom "the Mensch" Neuwirth), sang "Rise Like a Phoenix" to an adoring crowd of degenerate Eurotrash. Thus is demonstrated once again why all those brave Brits, Yanks, and Ruskies died to rid Europe of the scourge of Nazism - so a Jew faggot could represent Austria in its first Eurovision win. That's it - I am officially calling off the Anschluss on account of faggotry. No Fourth Reich today, my White Whateverist readers.

Back in character - We, your Diversity commissars at CDN, see Conchita Wurst as our Elagabalus II, Semitic Emperor-ess of the 21st century Roman Empire. And, in his/her honor, we have un-dubbed his/her performance of Rise Like a Phoenix, so that you worthless goyim cattle can hear what s/he was truly singing the whole time:

I find the actual lyrics to Rise Like a Phoenix a rather interesting summary of the Jewish global strategy following the Holocaust. See the passages in red.

Waking in the rubble
Walking over glass
Neighbours say we’re trouble
Well that time has passed

Peering from the mirror
No, that isn’t me
A stranger getting nearer
Who can this person be?

You wouldn’t know me at all today
From the fading light I fly

Rise like a phoenix
Out of the ashes, seeking rather than vengeance
Retribution, you were warned
Once I’m transformed, once I’m reborn

You know I will rise like a phoenix
But you’re my flame

Go about your business
Act as if you’re free
No one could have witnessed
What you did to me

‘Cause you wouldn’t know me today
And you have got to see to believe
From the fading light I fly

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