Thursday, May 29, 2014

Alhambra Decree 2014

The residents of small town, disturbed by an influx of Jewish immigrants, has successfully petitioned their town's mayor to order the expulsion of said Jews. And where is this town you ask? In some hotbed of White supremacy no doubt. Planning a vacation are you, you evil racist monsters? Hope you like beaners - the town is San Juan La Laguna, in Guatemala. Ha! Again, more proof that the Jews are going to be the next target of brown-people-payback once Whitie goes the way of the dodo. Let's get the details from this article:

[Misael] Santos and one other Jewish family moved to the small town from Mexico city about six years ago, he said. But trouble really began after he began a synagogue, drawing Israelis and Jewish tourists alike to the Guatemalan heartland. [...]

After concerns about the tourists rose, the mayor ordered a Jewish registry to be drawn up listing the town's Jewish residents, Santos stated. The move was allegedly to keep note of tourism in the small town, but the Jewish community became wary. [...]

“They asked us to get out of town because they said that we kidnap children, and then added to the fire by saying the town would be invaded by Jews,” he said. “At the meeting, a lady presented 300 alleged signatures, asking us to leave the village,” he added. [...]

The mayor of San Juan La Laguna, Rodolfo López, told Prensa Libre that the eviction order is 100% justified. He has given the Jewish community 45 days to leave. [...]

Better add San Juan La Laguna to this list.

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