Wednesday, April 16, 2014

When the cure is more retarded than the disease.

Have you ever been wandering the interwebs and stumbled into some batshit crazy blind alley? I found one of those scary places today. From India, we have this website, where a practitioner of something called "Siddha medicine" claims he can cure all sorts of different forms of mental retardation using secret herbs. He proves this by showing pictures of retards "Before Treatment" and "After Treatment". Let's take a look at a couple of examples, (find more here):

As you can clearly see - the retardation has been cured because the first retard can now close its mouth, and the second retard is wearing glasses, which must mean it has some reading to catch up on.

Let's here from the medicine man himself, V.Jambu manivannan:
In our day today life, being a traditional doctor I would like to do some accomplish achievement to our human society in
the fulfillment of their carry out needs.
I hope that "IMPOSSIBLE" can be "POSSIBLE" and i have a true belief that it will be great achievement in our human society.
The medical world had quoted that it was “NOT POSSIBLE” to human brain disorder but I desire myself that “I CAN WIN” in this tremendous challenges.
I had learnt from this my own experience that
I had done a healing achievement in this brain disorder and also I submitted all my evidences.
To Have the “Acceptance and keen belief about me or not” is tremendously based on your choice.

Holy crap - talk about physician heal thyself. I want you all to think about this fellow the next time you visit the ER and Dr. Currypoo orders a "cat scan" and sends the nurse to fetch a litter box.

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