Monday, April 28, 2014

When Attempted Murder Conforms to Racist Stereotypes

A young Negress has been arrested for poisoning her grandma on Easter Sunday. Quoting this story:

Tyt'ana Lisa-Nicole Johnson, 17, of Harrison Street, poured insecticide and termiticide into a cooking pot of collard greens while Gaylon Moody, 51, her grandmother, was at an Easter church service, according to arrest warrants.

Oh, for the love of Jebus - she poisoned her grandma's collard greens? What, were there no watermelons or chitlins about? I'm all for stereotyping, but you sub-apes are really making this too easy. Where is the challenge anymore? Continuing with the story...

Clifton Evans, 56, Moody's friend, also ate the greens. [...] Evans said he was watching the NBA playoffs - with an extra bowl of greens, he added - when his fingers and toes began to go numb.
What?!? Another bowl of greens? How many bowls can one nigga eat??? Most people are lucky if they can choke down a couple fork-fulls, this Negro sits down to watch sports with another bowl of greens??? Sorry to keep interrupting...

In a phone interview Thursday night, Moody said the incident happened because she took away Johnson's cellphone.

"She was on punishment. I had taken her cellphone from her. She got mad because I took her cellphone from her, and she poisoned my food," Moody said. "I'll tell you one thing: It ain't good to feel."

No, I'm sho it ain't.

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