Saturday, April 05, 2014

What fresh hell is this - Motion Controlled AC.

It will not come as a surprise to any regular visitor to this blog when I tell you that I am full of hate. The thing is, I really enjoy it. The world we live in is a god-awful place inhabited by billions of drooling imbeciles who make life miserable for any thinking, rational person. Therefore, it is only natural for we thinkers to hate this world and its inhabitants, and for us to enjoy the act of hating as a form stress relief. Let me share with you my most recent reason for hating the world, to see if we can experience two minutes of hate together.

I had to go on a business trip this week. I do not travel for leisure, and only rarely must do so for business. I was lodged in a hotel room that was adequate in accommodation, but stuffy, and hot. The first thing I do in a hotel room is look for the AC unit and crank out the cold air. I love blasting the AC when I am not paying the electric bill. However, this room only had a wall thermostat, and the lowest it went was 68 degrees. Oh well, I thought, and I went off to dinner with the dreadful bores from work who accompanied me on the trip.

When I returned to the room, it was still hot and stuffy, and the AC only kicked in when I opened the door. However, the room cooled down pretty well while I was reading, so I didn't pay it much mind. However, after dozing off for an hour, I woke up hot again. And when I rolled over, on came the AC. God-fucking-dammit! Is this AC motion activated?!? God how I hate the world and all the stupid people who inhabit it!!! I spent all night waking up every hour in a sweat to wave my arm in the air so that the fucking AC would come back on and give me a moments relief. At least it was only one night's stay.

So, as a public service, I share with you something I found on YouTube to defeat the eco-bullies who don't want us to have a good night's sleep.

And remember, fellow haters - this world is a cesspool. It only makes sense that we contribute to its demise with every little act of eco-hate we can muster.

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