Saturday, April 26, 2014

The "Rosa Parks of Saudi Arabia"

Let me guess - some black bitch refused to move to the back hump of the camel.

A Saudi Negress has dropped her court case against three Saudi women who called her "abda", which apparently means slave. The slave in question, Nawal AlHawsawi, (my, that is an excess of w's, isn't it?) said she would no longer pursue her grievance after the women apologized to her for what they said. Quoting the slave, from this article:

“The turning point for me through the course of three months and numerous attempts at apologies was when one of the women told me that God punished her, her husband divorced her and she has been going through a lot of trial in tribulations in her own personal life since the incident,” she said.

“I looked in her eyes I felt bad for her because we all make mistakes. I stood up and hugged her and cried for a long time because I didn’t know what to say [...]

Ho-hum. Guess it doesn't take much to be a Civil Rights heroine these days. Now here is something interesting - a photo of AlHawsawi, her husband David McCarthy, and their mixed-race child.

Why is this interesting you ask? Is Adrean just making another, look-how-ugly-mixed-race-kids-are joke? Well, yes and no. This kid is frighteningly ugly, that is true. However, what I find interesting is that this picture from the Al Arabiya "Rosa Parks of Saudi Arabia" propaganda piece quoted above, published on 6 February 2014, was later used on 21 February 2014 in an article from David Horowitz's FrontPage magazine entitled "Saudi Arabia Forces Couples to Divorce over 'Racial Inferiority'". The FrontPage article had nothing to do with AlHawsawi or her husband.

What a strange world we live in, where this weird mixed-race family portrait is simultaneously made the poster child of progressive Muslim anti-racism, and the poster child of right-wing Jewish criticism of Muslim racism.

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