Wednesday, April 09, 2014

South African Girl Haunted by Chicken

From South Africa we have this story, of a girl who is being haunted by her father's chicken. Here is a quote:


"I was pregnant in 2007 and I was craving meat. I had no money and this chicken was running around the yard so I grabbed it and ate it."

Velisile “Sivuruvuru” Lamani (68) is a famous inyanga [witch doctor] from KwaNonqubela, in Alexandria, near Port Alfred. Sivuruvuru (which means “shake things up”) told Daily Sun: “I always thought my chicken was killed by a car but today I am shocked and disappointed to find my daughter ate my chicken. He said because of his chicken he never lost a court case.

“The people call me Sivuruvuru because of the work I did with that chicken,” he said.
[...]“I would put her on my head or my shoulder and walk with her to the court where she would inspect the yard,” he said.“If she cackled twice it was a sign that there was an evil person in court. If she cackled three times it was a sign that I would need strong muthi to win the case.”

If this is real, it requires no joke, because it is a joke in itself. If this is a hoax - well done! I bought it. It reminds me of this Aqua Teen Hunger Force episode:

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