Saturday, April 12, 2014

Royals Stoop to Fondle Māori Poop

Over at CNN, a big-nosed, pig-eyed, doughy commentator is in trouble for a puff piece she did on the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's visit to New Zealand. Which big-nosed, pig-eyed commentator you ask? You're right - CNN has the ugliest female journalists in the business, but the one I am referring to on this occasion is "humorist" Jeanne Moos. Why did I put humorist in quotes? Because I think a humorist is what she is trying to be, even as she adds credence to the stereotype that women are just not funny. But what exactly about her piece has caused trouble? Moos makes dismissive, joking references to the weirdness of the stiff royals being subjected to the primitive grunting and goofy gesticulations of half-naked, flabby Polynesians, though not in so many words. And this mockery is not allowed in MultiCult controlled Western society, where all cultures are equal, in that they are all equally better than White Western culture! Take a look:

Rather than see the Moos piece as a chance to laugh at the elites awkwardly stooping off their pedestals to shake hands with the brown commoners, the White-suicide-cultists of the interwebs and their pet-sub-humans and pet-sub-apes launched yet another anti-racist witch-hunt to burn the White heretics who refuse to tow the MultiCult line. Here is the petition launched to force CNN to apologize for the story, as the lead White-guilter attests:

Though I myself am not Māori (a Pākehā (European), rather), I am a New Zealander. I as a New Zealander, who has grown up like many others; surrounded by this culture, am not comfortable to see injurious, disrespectful and ill-bred ‘journalism’ be published. In belittling the Māori culture, you deprecate an entire, multicultural nation.

So fucking typical - it's not your culture, it's not your fight, you are a member of the people who tormented, murdered, and displaced the Stone Age Ocean-Faring Niggers you call "Māori", but you are going to fix it all by getting ol' Jeanne Moos not to make fun of ocean-niggers' emu-mating-dance - because her jokes are raaaacist! All that I see in this story is a meeting of two despicable cultures - not a clash at all mind you - merely a friendly meeting between the high-tech, globalist, elitist space reptiloids that oversee Earth's global plantation, and a group of the Stone Age primitives the elite want to use to replace the ungrateful Whities who disempowered their monarchies in a fit of pique.

I know this blog gets visitors from Oceania, and I wonder if you were offended by the Moos piece, or my callous disregard of your disgusting, back-asswards ocean-niggers and their retarded "culture". Do you love them like some Americans love our Redskins? I can't tell you how many conversations I have had with White Americans who bemoan the atrocities committed against the Native Americans. To which I respond, "Yet, I notice you have not given up your lovely house to the nearest sad-eyed Mestizo and gotten a one-way ticket back to the old Chalky-country of your ancestors?" The answers I've gotten to that statement include, but are not limited to: 1) "Well, they have casinos now, and they are richer than me." 2) "I am part Cherokee. My Great-Great-Grandmother was a squaw." 3) "They don't want to live in a house, they want to be free!".

Ha. Are any of us truly free?

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