Friday, April 11, 2014

Release the racist swans!

White people in the United Kingdom have an unexpected defender against their anti-White masters' dark, murdering hordes - racist attack swans! Quoting this article:

The 4ft tall bird, which boasts an 8ft wingspan, has been accused of behaved [sic] aggressively towards Indian students as they cross over a footbridge near its nesting place at the university's Gibbet Hill campus in Coventry, West Midlands.

One 24-year-old student from India said: "These swans are very annoying, and the students feel as though they're being bullied.

"I'm from India, and they attack me especially, they focus straight on me.

"We've been warned that the swans will be a bit feisty at this time of year, but they go for me all year round.

"I think they don't like too many Indians in England - maybe the swans here are a little bit racist."

So there you have it ... white swans in England are putting to shame the White chickens in England who've given away their homeland to the MultiCult masses.

And what was the White chickens' response to this awful racist swan behavior? The Chalkies erected a fence to protect the wogs. DATGOY (Dark And Terrible God Of ironY) strikes again.

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