Sunday, April 06, 2014

Positively Perfect (Picaninny) Dolls

The single failure of "The Browning" of America has been the stubborn refusal of little girls of color to favor dolls made in their own image. Negress Dr. Lisa Williams had this to say about the problem, quoting:

It was until [sic] she saw a segment on CNN that explored a study showing young black girls and their reactions to various white and brown-colored dolls.

“One little [black] girl broke my heart, she looked at the brown doll and said the doll was ugly. I cried, it broke my heart,” Williams said. “For her to say something like that it shows you how deep those sentiments are in our culture.”

Williams then made it her mission to manufacture dolls that minority girls would soon come to admire and love.

Admire a doll? What the fuck? I can see showering unrequited love onto an inanimate object, after all baboons bond with wire mesh mothers all the time, but admire them? How few role models must exist in your mud race for your children to have to admire plastic dolls?

And did you notice that "Dr." [Doctor of Dollogy I suppose] Williams' "Positively Perfect" dolls look like a gaggle of mixed raced munchkins? The article quoted above says the dolls are available in shades such as "vanilla, caramel, pecan and mocha" but witness there is no "tar", "coal", or even "fudge" colored baby dolls in her plastic menagerie. Perhaps, Dr. Williams agrees with chilluns that black dolls really are ugly. Hell, even the monkey in the picture on the right wants a mother with a white face.

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