Monday, April 14, 2014

No Valhalla for You

I, Adrean Arlott, officially revoke Frazier Glenn Miller's White man status, denounce his actions, and condemn him with the most reviled title in history - "Righteous Gentile - Righteous Among the Nations".

On a related topic, please enjoy "Anti-Zionist, Zionist Agent" from AA's CDN Episode 11, 01-14-2009.


  1. Off topic, but related to an old CDN broadcast, In your show on the "cash for Clunkers" you compared this silly program to a mythical "Sawbucks for Sambos" progam in the Abe Lincoln era in which the Negroes were to be shipped back to Africa for causing polution in large cites, due to their emission of "foul and malodorous vapors".

    You were correct after all! Check out this story on Marxist Proletariat Radio entitled "Study: Pollution greater in minority neighborhoods"


  2. Ha! That's too perfect :) It made me think of a joke ...

    I was driving through a town in the deep South where I ended up pulling over to get some gas. The reek of the town was unbearable, and it seemed to emanate from a filthy, polluted river. So I asked the station attendant, is there a paper mill in this town? To which he replied, "Nah. It's the one day a month the niggers wash they clothes."