Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Just say no - the Negro to the Homo

Over at a site called, a negro with "Dr." in front of his name (usually this means Dr. of Divinity from the Church of yo mama's basement) laments the impact of the homosexual agenda upon young black men. Strangely, many of his arguments seem lifted right out of the playbook of right-wing Whities. Responding to a YouTube video called "Throw Dat Boy Pussy" (Video LINK - be warned, this is really, really unpleasant) "Dr." Samori Swygert had this to say: 

People always want to act like there isn’t a deliberate, intentional, and malicious attempt to sabotage the masculinity of black males these days. I’ve grown tired of the acceptance of bad behavior masquerading as fashionable contemporary expression.

I’m sick of this. We’ve become so obsessed with being acceptive of inappropriate behavior, and obsessed with freedom of expression that we are failing to analyze the failures of freedom of expression. Furthermore, true freedom of expression is false now because when you try to express your opposing view, you’ll be effectively ostracized, blacklisted, and branded.

We’ve become an exploited commodity and mockery for the world to see.


Wow - where to begin?
1) Negroes have always been an exploited commodity set up for mockery. Minstrel shows didn't disappear - they just got actual black people to play the minstrels.
2) Intentional sabotage? Welcome to the club. White males have been targeted by the social Marxists for feminization and perversion for the past half century. Worse, we've also been subjected to Negrofication to make us just as low class as typical underwear-displaying porch monkeys. At least they aren't trying to make you White and gay - just gay. They are trying to make White men both black and gay.
3) Ostracized? Yep, been there too. Don't like the leftist agenda? You are a pariah. Hell, even mentioning that you have been targeted makes you a tinfoil-hatted nutjob hater.

So, "Dr." is all hope lost? No, not as long as you remain the lone non-twerker among your ilk.


  1. "Just say no-- to the negro or homo." That's a White Nationalist rock anthem right there. Just add water for lyrics and melody. I'm getting the band back together.