Thursday, April 10, 2014

Judge Jew-dy Schools a Sub-Ape

Here is an interesting video in which Judge Jew-dy attempts to communicate with a sub-ape male who is being sued by his sub-ape-ess for rent money. The he-boon admits that he received money from the county for rent, and that he did not give this money to his she-boon for rent, but spent it on himself. However, he doesn't grasp the fraud he has committed, no matter how many times Judge Jew-dy breaks it down for him. Instead, he responds, "Just her being around me is me paying rent. [...] I'm 21 messin' with her, she 30. [...]That what she there for." Please note I had to edit out his numerous utterances of "You know what I'm sayin...'" for the sake of brevity.

What I find most interesting is a moment that speaks monumental truth. Judge Jew-dy says as an aside to her court eunuch, "That's what we're creating." To which the taciturn Negro, Officer Byrd, responds, "Him."

Exactly! Jews and Negroes together have helped create generations of increasingly entitled, increasingly ignorant sub-apes to drag this nation down into Third World status. Thank you judge for your candid admission. But don't be too smug Whitie about the truth being inadvertently spoken on national television. The other truth is that all members of the White race have either perpetuated or permitted this demographic disaster.

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