Saturday, April 19, 2014

How to beat racism? Free t-shirts.

Canada's National Post online has published an article by Joseph Heath entitled: How to beat racism.

That caught my attention. As in, beat racism like a red-headed stepchild (that anti-racists are trying to genocide out of existence)? Is this simply to be another breed-Whiteness-away article like the one over at National Geographic? Actually, Heath's analysis is much less crazy, and more solidly reasoned. Paraphrasing Heath's assertions:

1) Stereotyping is a natural human characteristic, and efforts to deny it require significant effort for little return.
2) The difference between racists and non-racists is not that they do not stereotype - both do - the difference is how far they "go to suppress or override it". (Digression: I, for example, spend energy making myself and others more racist, which makes me a super racist.)
3) The best way to overcome racism is to distract people from race, by way of substitution. Heath cited an experiment that showed something as simple as putting people of various races into groups based on the color of their t-shirts was enough to shift observers away from stereotyping those people by race, and instead by t-shirt. Think about that the next time you see black and White sports fans rioting together in matching team t-shirts.

For the most part, Heath's assertions are spot-on, though he does delve into some strangeness by denying the evolutionary origin of racism as nonsensical since: "There were no different races in the environment of evolutionary adaptation." What proof is there of this? This seems to assert that race only arises by geographic separation and not by sexual selection. Heath does better when he sticks with the facts of today's racial divides, rather than postulating on the prehistorical interracial antics of The Flintstones.

The problem with Heath's piece is that it is not a discovery of the solution to racism, but an unmasking of the final solution to the White question. By breaking down the social barriers that segregated the races in America, Whites and blacks are becoming more alike all the time. The natural consequence of this familiarity is increased cross-breeding. If they can work together (desegregation of the army), live together (fair housing), and play together (integrated sports teams), certainly there is no problem if they lie together, right?

The point is that the hard sell of Compulsory Diversity is but one form of attack, typically aimed at the most stubborn of the racially-minded. The soft sell has been the gradual transition of the social environment of blacks and Whites to a blended culture, and this is a much more effective form of persuasion on those only superficially racially minded (the kind of people distracted by t-shirts).

Consider a black man and a White man who live next door to each other. The black man and White man both like hip-hop, both like football, both dress to show support for the same sports team, both go to the same mega-Church, both have kids that go to the same school, both watch CNN, both have wives who watch The View every morning. Are we supposed to be surprised that their kids are dating each other?


  1. Here's one way to beat racism, Open Borders for Israel! When Israel, the last pure ethno-state,is finally completely culturally-enriched, the last stronghold of racism will finally be penetrated by the long muddik of "equality"!

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