Sunday, April 13, 2014

ET Go Home

I despise gypsies. There is nothing redeeming about their kind. I even made a video about it here. Gypsies are sub-ape garbage that live in squalor, parasitically thieving from their hosts, leaving nothing but waste in their wake. And, worst of all, they are romanticized by Whites as a mysterious, magical people, who now call the gypsies Roma, in hopes that marketing shit under the name "The Shit", will make said shit more palatable.  Honestly, I might even in hate gypsies more than niggers, except that my hometown is full of niggers, not gypsies, so - hate the one you're with.

At this link I found a story about a video of young "Romanian" men swinging an old "Romanian" woman around as if she were a sack of fertilizer, which in fact she probably is. When I watch the video, I see only Roma, not Romanians, so I don't really care what they do. Humor can be cruel, and in this case it is, but it does not negate the humor. However, when it is your grandma being swung around by wastrels, anger overwhelms your sense of humor, as it should. As for me, I find this video funny, and even more so because the old woman screams like ET, and looks like him too. See the video below, and ET for comparison.

Pardon me while I have a strange interlude ... I was a young kid when ET first came out of the closet - um, that didn't sound right. I was horrified by ET, and hated being taken to watch that film. I only perked up when ET lay dying in the custody of the Federal government. "Finally!", I thought, "This is almost over." That ET recovered was a severe disappointment to me. Fucking deus ex machina! Always smashing my hopes. Extended family members bought me ET Christmas gifts that year. I placed them in a plastic box with snaps on the front to lock that filth away. Yes, I have always been hateful.

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