Friday, April 25, 2014

Are women dumber than monkeys?

Over at RYOT, I found a wonderfully humorous article/video of two monkeys being compensated unequally for performing the same task. Please watch the video, upon which I will further comment below.

In case you are not familiar with RYOT, here is an excerpt from their about page:

Every story posted on is accompanied by an action box, which gives you a way to have an impact on the story, in some cases by donating to a leading organization making a positive impact on the issue, signing a petition, sending a tweet, or just sharing the story itself.

To summarize, RYOT reports a story, then relates it to a left-wing cause, then encourages its readers to contribute to the left-wing cause they have identified. And to what cause did RYOT link this story? Quoting:

The National Organization for Women Foundation is devoted to achieving full equality for women through education and litigation, equalizing pay and ending discrimination.

Are they equating this monkey's upset to the women's rights struggle? Ha! Do they realize what they are saying? Apparently, this monkey is smarter than human women, or perhaps has more dignity, because women keep accepting less pay for the same work, while the monkey throws the paltry compensation back at the person who has underpaid him/her.

Kidding aside, the matter of female vs. male pay is kind of a joke in my personal experience. I work in healthcare, so I am surrounded by women. Also, the vast majority of these women make more than I do. The reason? Almost all of them are older by at least one or two decades. All day long, and through numerous overtime hours, I outperform these hags, harpies, and harridans, and still get paid significantly less. Of course, that is of no importance because equal pay for equal work is about promoting gender conflict, not actually making pay commensurate with the quality and/or quantity of work.

Oh, but they have so much more experience, that is why they are paid more! Experience of what? We now have technology with which they are completely unfamiliar. It is no exaggeration that a high school educated floor cleaner of 20 knows more about computers than a 50-year-old registered nurse with a master's degree and 25 years experience. I can't tell you how many times I have had to show some old bitty how to fix her "broken" computer by pressing the "on" button.

In case you are wondering what my point is, I shall get to it now: If men are arbitrarily being paid more than women for some biased preconception of their differing productivity, I cannot be bothered to care, as another preconception of productivity is that of experience, which to me seems just as biased and arbitrary, has been noticed, but not made a cause célèbre.


  1. Funny vid(monkeys reaction i mean,the guy was corny) and as always you delivered a great twist to the story.Btw,did you notice a token black brain surgeon at 1:10?They insert them everywhere nowadays.I heard they gonna attach them to all PC's from next year.

  2. Ah, I didn't catch that until you pointed it out! I am a bit near-sighted, so I am usually first made aware of the approach of Negroes not by sight, but by their unbearable stench.