Saturday, March 22, 2014

Yet another hate crime hoax uncovered: Grand Valley State University

Hooray, I was correct! As if there was any doubt. Last month I posted about a incident of supposed racist taunting at Grand Valley State University. And during Black History Monf no less. Oh, the sub-humanity!

A Negro student at Grand Valley State University found the words "Fuck Black History Month" scrawled on her dorm message board, along with a crudely rendered drawing of a lynching. (Personally, I smell hoaxery with this one). LINK.

Quoting this article:

An author at Huffington Post wrote that Hate Threats Written On College Dorm Room Whiteboard Prove Racism Persists. 

It turns out it was a hoax, inflicted by the student who lived in the room and owned the whiteboard. [...]

The Grand Valley State University Police Department has concluded a thorough investigation of the Racial Bias incident reported on February 17, 2014. The person believed to be responsible for the drawing and language written on the dry erase board is a Grand Valley student and the owner of the message board.

The incident has had a disruptive impact on the community and as a result, the student has been referred to the Dean of Students for a student code violation. University policy does not permit the release of his/her name.

Do you see gentle readers? This is why our slave-owning Chalkie cousins told everyone not to teach the sub-apes how to read and write - because they knew the darkies would instantly get up to mischief.

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